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written & devised by Rhiannon Drake

ft. the poetry of Byron & Shelley and music by Beethoven & Schubert

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The Year Without A Summer

a new musical


A volcanic eruption has caused widespread climatological disaster.

Amidst the devastation, a gang of England's greatest writers travel abroad to create their masterpieces... but what about the wives and lovers they leave behind?

A a new musical, following the lives of  several much-loved 19th century writers & characters.

Contemporary themes & sounds collide with the world of the Romantics. 

A blend of  original musical theatre songs (composed by Rhiannon Drake),  contemporary, loop-based tunes incorporating well-known 1816 compositions by Beethoven & Schubert.

Recorded in 2017 at

Transformer Studios, London.

Composed & devised by

Rhiannon Drake.

Produced by  Andrea Adriano.

Performers listed below.

the plot

the plot

the concept

the music

concept album

Concept Album Concert: February 2018, Above The Arts Theatre

1-hour Production as one half of 'Herstoric': April 2019, The Drayton Arms Theatre

More info and reviews here


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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In It For The Chase (Rhiannon Drake)
Waking Dream (Katie Jones)
Hymn to Intellectual Beauty (Tom Grant & Ensemble)
Loving You (Kathryn Brewer, Aemilia Owen & Rhiannon Drake)
Young Brilliant and Handsome (Rebecca Thorn & Ensemble)
Fare Thee Well (Ensemble)
Mad & Bad & Dangerous To Know (Eddy Smith & Ensemble)
So We'll Go No More A Roving (Ensemble)
What a Beautiful Sunset (Ensemble)
Goldner Schein (Terry Burns, Rebecca Thorn, Callum Melville & Ensemble)

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