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written & devised by Rhiannon Drake

ft. the poetry of Byron & Shelley and music by Beethoven & Schubert

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The Year Without A Summer

a new musical

Lord Byron
Claire Clairmont
Mary Shelley
Percy Shelley
Harriet Westbrook
J.M.W. Turner
Annabella Byron
J.W. Polidori
Susan Boyce
Madame Durrell
Ensemble Characters

Concept Album Cast

Lord Byron | Eddy Smith

J.W. Polidori | Calum Melville

Percy Bysshe Shelley | Tom Grant

J.M.W. Turner | Terry Burns

Mary Shelley | Katie Jay

Harriet Westbrook | Rhiannon Drake

Susan Boyce | Kathryn Brewer

Annabella Byron | Aemilia Owen

Claire Clairmont | Lauren O'Neill

Madame Durrell | Rebecca Thorn

Thank you also to William Drake &

Kwamena Brace for help developing the music.

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