A unique evening of theatre and music where audience members escape the every-day and venture into a world of beautiful music and poetry as well as flirtation, gossip and intrigue.


A cast of young, professional performers - all graduates from the top London music and drama conservatoires - play historical characters and weave together music and scripted dialogue. With the number of musicians and repertoire suited to your occasion, the show's creation has involved academic research, professional direction and expert costume design.


Running time: 1'15 hours.


For more information, repertoire lists, and prices please leave a message with your proposed date in the box below.



"Fabulous evening! Loved the performances, the story telling, humour and flow..."

"You create such an elegant ambiance."

"Excellent ,a great introduction to classical music!"


"What fun to have a GRAND SOIREE and to spend time in the company of great characters in such a striking place."


"Refreshing ,exciting, educational, a very high standard of music making."


"Fantastic, inspiring, original... BRAVO!"

Salon Evenings - Salon Musical
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