Sharply suited and booted, Robert captivates his audience with a backdrop of beautiful and relaxing music. His sweet, yet soulful tone has become a signature sound, setting him apart from other saxophonists, always tasteful and never overly-indulgent. 


Accompanied with bespoke backing tracks, professionally recorded by top session musicians and mixed specifically for use at wedding and corporate venues, a high quality performance is guaranteed every time. Acoustic covers of modern pop artists such as Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, Amy Winehouse, Adele, etc. are reworked into unique instrumental arrangements to deliver something fresh, yet familiar.


Available as a solo act accompanied with bespoke backing tracks, or as a live duo (sax and acoustic guitar).

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Shut Up And Dance, Walk The Moon - Contemporary Saxophonist
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Want To Want Me (Jason Derulo) - Contemporary Saxophonist
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